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New Client Facial

The new client facial is a program for first-time clients. This facial service accounts for plenty of time to discuss any goals you have set for your skin, as well as a thorough analysis of your skin conditions and skin type, accompanied by a completely customized one-hour facial. This facial will address your skin concerns and most pressing needs. A Serving Faces licensed esthetician can also create a personalized plan for you to care for your skin as it applies to future skincare regiments and treatments designed just for your skin.

It’s important to use skin care products regularly. Skincare products are included with the New Client Facial. Frequent use of your new favorite skin care products will give your skin plenty of time to achieve the desired result. Keeping your products in plain sight will act as a reminder to diligently continue your skin care regiment. By placing these products near your nightstand, you can easily apply them each night before going to bed. At Serving Faces, we are proud to carry the complete Skinscript skincare product line. During your facial, our licensed estheticians will provide you with a professional recommendation on which clinical-grade products are best for you and your skin.

Improve your skin with ease

Every morning or evening before you shower, use a natural bristle brush to give yourself a dry brush exfoliation. This will help to improve your skin care routine because it will eradicate dead skin cells and help detoxify your skin; thereby, giving your skin a better and overall healthier appearance. It will also increase blood circulation and decrease puffiness.

Any skin care routine will be more efficient with the addition of enough restful sleep each night. The stress caused by a lack of sleep can affect your overall skin. Getting a good night sleep is a highly effective beauty treatment for your skin and the best part is that it’s totally free!

After your bath or shower, be sure to moisturize every single day. This will help keep the skin from getting dry, especially in the winter and fall. During the colder seasons is the best time to perform this part of your everyday skin care routine because it leverages on the moisture absorbed by the skin during a bath.

Facial Services at Serving Faces

At Serving Faces Charlotte, your skin journey starts here! If you are constantly experimenting with different ways to solve your skin problems and haven’t had any success, allow our licensed estheticians to give you expert advice on what is suitable for your skin, both on the surface and in the dermis. 

Treatment includes a skin analysis, an in-depth consultation, a deep cleanse of your skin’s pores, accompanied by a professional extraction and exfoliation. With an arm massage and cold therapy tools, you will experience a relaxing facial massage. We will complete the session with sunscreen, a serum, algae peel-off mask, and moisturizer.

We can develop a customized skincare treatment plan and easily get you signed you up for any of our 3 result-oriented programs formulated to enable you to accomplish all of your skincare goals. When your facial is finished, you will receive a welcome packet and a skincare sample kit!

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