Become a VIP Member with us!

Serving Faces Charlotte is very excited to offer a VIP Spa membership program designed for your convenience and to give you the rewards and benefits you deserve for your skin care.

The membership program is designed for every individual. Whether you are just starting your journey of self-care, you need a corrective treatment, or you just want a rejuvenating facial once in a while, there is a Serving Faces membership plan for you!

The VIP membership program is for anyone who needs a treatment schedule that is more consistent. Our members enjoy a spa membership package that combines skin care services, hair removal, and retail for annual perks. VIP members will enjoy 10% off retail products and 20% off spa services all year-round! The benefits also include booking priority, free shipping, two BFF passes, goodies, a Swag Bag full of our favorite skincare samples, and a complimentary facial on your birthday.

What makes our VIP Experience different?

We have designed our membership program to help you save money! It will be a source of encouragement for you to invest more time and energy into your health and wellness. Joining our VIP membership program will be the ultimate commitment in self-care and achieving the health goals for your body and skin.

Our spa membership is uniquely flexible. Members will get treatment at their convenience – at any time and for a few visits each month. We will match your needs to the appropriate services. Within your membership level, you can treat any area you choose. For example, with a small area membership program, you can do underarms one month and upper lip the next month. As long as you are a member, you can roll-over unused services.

Waxing programs

A major benefit of waxing is that the hair will re-grow in about four to six weeks. Waxing, unlike shaving, is a form of long-lasting hair removal; hence, the treatment has to be performed once in a month instead of every other day. This will save time and alleviate the discomfort that goes along with shaving all the time.

The removal of excess hair in different areas of the body provides other sanitary benefits that will be appreciated by the people around you and beneficial to your body. Our spa membership provides all of these rewards on the naturally sweat sensitive area, without any of the discomforts caused by a razor.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we will help you remove all pubic hair, both front and back! Our silky, extra gentle wax formula will ensure you won’t leave here red and irritated. After waxing, we apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and reduce any redness on the skin.

Our VIP membership is affordable, quick and very convenient to match your scheduling needs. So come see us to have a wax! We have all the materials and products needed to give you the best treatment possible. Register now while there are available spaces!


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