Blemish Free Bootcamp

What is Blemish-free boot camp

Blemish-free boot camp is an acne facial series highly recommended for any individual who sincerely wants to commit to the health of their skin. The treatment will be done twice a week for six treatments that will focus on addressing acne, pigmentation, texture, and total skin rejuvenation. To ensure accountability and maximum result, retail at-home skincare is included and weekly calls with a skincare therapist.

This facial allows lots of time to discuss the goals you have set for your skin, as well as a thorough analysis of your skin conditions and type, accompanied by a complete customized facial that will last for one hour. This facial will address your concerns and most pressing needs. We can also create a plan to care for your skin as it applies to future skincare regiment and treatments designed just for your skin.

A facial is performed by an experienced aesthetician who helps to solve different skin problems. Men usually experience different kinds of skincare issues such as dry skin, skin irritation, reddening of the facial skin and acne. Facials are formulated to serve the needs of diverse persons.

A professional aesthetician will apply the kind of facial that is needed for your skin condition. A facial has lots of benefits in that it offers the opportunity to speak directly with an aesthetician who will offer professional advice on the tips and tricks that are vital toward the maintenance of your skin. At a later stage in your life, this knowledge can be useful to you.

When the need arises, use skin care products regularly. Frequent use will give ample time to your favorite skin care products to accomplish the expected result. Keep your products in plain sight as a reminder to diligently implement your skin care regiment. Place these products close to your nightstand so you can apply them before going to bed.

A major benefit of waxing is that the hair will re-grow in about four and six weeks. Waxing unlike shaving is a form of permanent hair removal; hence the treatment has to be done around once in a month instead of every few days. This will save time and eliminate the inconvenience that goes with shaving all the time.

Benefits of The blemish-free boot camp

At Serving Faces Charlotte our COVID-19 comeback package will help you remove all public hair, both front and back! Our gentle wax formula will ensure you do not experience redness of the skin. After waxing is completed, we will apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and prevent redness of the skin.

The removal of hair in different parts of the body offers other hygienic benefits that will be appreciated by your admirers and rewarding to your body. Our boot camp will provide you with all of these rewards on the naturally sweat sensitive areas without any of the pains caused by a razor.

The blemish-free boot camp is affordable and very convenient with our schedule. In a short time you can get waxed and covered up. So come see us to have a wax. We have all the materials and products needed to give you the best wax treatment. We will conduct a thorough consultation on the first visit to determine the root cause of each problem and then we will have a comprehensive discussion on preventive methods. A blemish-free boot camp is included to equip you with all the essential products!