Importance of Facials

Making the time to get a seasonal facial is an opportunity for you to improve your skin and make yourself comfortable in a spa environment. There are numerous facials available at Serving Faces Charlotte which address skin problems such as inflamed pores, dry skin, tense faces, and even acne. Anyone can benefit from this rejuvenating and skin-saving procedure including men, women, and teens.

Facials are used to detoxify the skin through the extraction of impurities that build up in the pores. They also help to lock in moisture and hydrate your face. Facials can help fight the aging process by promoting hydration and cell turnover, which will help protect you from sagging skin and fine lines. Even if you wash your face regularly, your sweat pores still accumulate the grime and dirt that goes with everyday living With a good facial, the skin of your face can be treated from everyday damages, including those caused by smoke and the sun.

All Serving Faces facial treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. Each treatment begins with a personal consultation and a thorough skin analysis to ensure maximum results for you. Your unique experience concludes with a problem-solving prescription and expert home-care advice. Serving Faces is proud to exclusively carry the complete Skinscript skincare line of products

Signature Facial Treatment

During facials, a skincare technician will first assess your skin condition. Next, your technician will help you select the most suitable of facial for your skin. The specialist will take into consideration a number of factors including your skin texture, pore size, skin tone, and oil production to determine your skin type. 

Our Signature Facial is one of our most popular facials. This relaxing facial treatment includes cleansing, toning, steam, a massage of your face and neck, and exfoliation to improve skin tone and texture. The first part of the facial is the skin analysis to determine your exact skin type and customize products that match your individual skin chemistry. Then, a serum, Serving Faces’ signature massage, and a treatment mask will balance and soothe the skin. This facial will finish with a moisturizer that leaves your skin glowing.


Benefits of a signature facial

It’s tricky to recreate the experience of a professional facial at home. The best way to attain long-term results and continue improving your skin is to consult with one of Serving Faces licensed estheticians regularly! Here are the 4 most important reasons to get a signature facial regularly: 

  • Deep Cleansing of your Skin. While getting a signature facial every once in a while feels wonderful, after a few weeks, you’ll notice the signs of dull dermis and clogged pores on your facial skin. Regular sessions can help prevent your skin from returning to the state of being dull and blemished. We’re confident you will appreciate the improved results after each treatment!
  • Anti-Aging. You can’t stop the aging process, but it is possible to slow it down and reduce it effects on your skin. There are many facial techniques applied in the Signature Facial that can help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, bringing relaxation to your facial muscles. 
  • Expert Advice. With the experience and extensive training of our estheticians, they are able to safely perform extractions and apply effective products and chemicals to achieve impeccable results. So don’t worry, leave your skin to the Serving Faces professionals!
  • A Luxurious and Therapeutic Retreat. There’s no denying that a professional facial improves your skin’s health and overall appearance, leaving you feeling refreshed and beautiful after your facial appointment.

Facial Treatment Solutions

There are numerous types of facials, each designed to solve the diverse needs of an individual. This requires your esthetician to select the particular facial that will help your skin as much as possible. There are calming facials which uses gentle products to clean your skin. There are facials that help fight acne and may include deep cleansing and special extractions to fully eliminate blackheads.

As part of your skin care routine, reducing stress and anxiety will keep your skin looking its best. Your skin will look healthy and lively instead of dull and tired when you take the appropriate steps to control and reduce stress in your daily life. When you experience uncontrolled stress in your life, it affects your skin’s natural ability to repair daily damage and your body’s ability to get enough sleep for fresh looking skin.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we have seasonal facials that use natural botanicals to provide numerous benefits as the seasons change. As we spend a lot of time in the sun during the summertime, the ultra violet rays rob our skin of moisture and causes our skin to age prematurely. Our Pineapple/Lychee facial, which contains a large dose of Vitamin C, is very useful during times like this. The treatment we offer includes a deep pore cleanse, skin analysis accompanied by a professional extraction and exfoliation, a mask, Kansa wand massage, sunscreen, and moisturizer. We offer an approved Preventive and Corrective program. We also have facials for individuals who really want to save face immediately.

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