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Although slightly different, men’s facials are important just like that of women. Facials play diverse roles; one of which is to help maintain healthy skin. However, a lot of guys are not sure whether facials will work well for beard.

A facial is performed by an experienced esthetician who helps to solve different skin problems. Men usually experience different kinds of skincare issues such as dry skin, skin irritation, reddening of the facial skin and acne. Facials are formulated to serve the needs of diverse persons.

A professional esthetician will apply the kind of facial that is needed for your skin condition. A facial has lots benefits in that it offers the opportunity to speak directly with an esthetician who will offer professional advice on the tips and tricks that are vital toward the maintenance of your skin. At a later stage in your life, this knowledge can be useful to you

Some facials also include areas such as exfoliation that makes use of ultrasound, bio abrasion, or enzymes. Some of these ingredients can be gotten from the skincare products which you make use of at home every day. However, you will get professional service when you visit an esthetician.

A good facial will give you peace of mind. This is because you will be re-energized and your face will get a new look. Everyone loves to look good – it is all about good appearance. When you do a facial, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed before the dead skin cells will be exfoliating away.

When you do a routine maintenance of your beard, the skin below your beard will be exfoliated. The products applied during a facial are not harmful to your beard. Be mindful that the dead cells on the top part of your face which make the skin dull needs to be eradicated. 

Your aesthetician will also open the skin pores with steam, clear the clogged pores by performing extractions and also apply a toner.

As much as possible, interact with your esthetician when you go for a facial. Be truthful about the skincare products you use in your maintenance routine. For best results, your esthetician needs this information to customize your facial.

A beard facial helps men to maintain a healthy skin. It also helps to eradicate different conditions such as irritation and skin reddening.  Your home skincare schedule as well as the quality of your skin determines the routine for a facial. 

During your facial, your esthetician will carry out exfoliation on your skin. Exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells that make it dull. Maintaining the skin after a facial is easy since you only need to apply the skincare products that you use regularly. 

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we give special care to the gentlemen! Exclusive facial includes beard care extractions, and relaxing scalp massage. Treatment includes skin analysis, consultation, deep pore cleanse with ultrasonic scrubber, accompanied by a professional extractions, exfoliation, beard care, high frequency, moisturizer, customized mask, and sunscreen.  Maintenance program is also approved. Relaxing scalp and facial massage is included.

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