Bikini Line Wax

We can get all your waxing needs done quickly and we can ensure you will feel satisfied with the end result. Come and check us out for an amazing bikini line today!

Brazilian Wax

Our waxing will help solve in-grown hairs, skin discoloration, and blackheads. We use a high frequency treatment to eliminate bacteria.

Buttock Wax

We have designed our buttock wax treatment to be tailored to the unique needs and requirements of every client, thus making it accessible to everyone.

Manzilian Wax

Manzilian waxing is affordable, quick and convenient. In just a short amount of time, you can get waxed and covered up – so come see us to have a Manzilian wax!

Services For Every Occasion

We're licensed professional skin care specialists with many years of experience. Proudly serving Charlotte, NC community for many years.


your satisfaction is our #1 Goal

If you’re looking for a skin care specialist, you have come to the right place. Serving Faces Spa offers facial, waxing and skin care to men and women in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Ebony Burns is a professional skin care specialist, who specializes in personalized facials, hair removal, and spa treatments that will make your skin both healthy and beautiful.

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