Back Wax

Some men have hairy backs. Some women may too have hairy backs. Common fashion trends and beauty standards may cause some people to feel it is unattractive and undesirable to have a hairy back.

Chest Wax

A full chest wax is the best way to eliminate unwanted chest hair. It involves cleansing the skin, applying our gentle-formula warm honey wax on the chest and front of shoulders and removing the hair.

half-leg wax

Depending on the rate of hair growth, the results of half leg wax can last between two to four weeks. It is a longer lasting hair removal option than shaving and leaves behind a smoother surface on the skin.

Full-Leg Wax

At Serving Faces Charlotte, our full leg waxing treatment includes the removal of hair from both legs. We apply a suitable wax formula in strips right from the top part of the thigh down to the ankle.

Full-Arm wax

Full arm waxing is an effective method of exfoliating all unwanted hair from the entire arm. This special kind of hot wax treatment focuses on the excess hair that grows on the arms.

Full-Body Wax

Serving Faces Charlotte provides a customizable full body wax experience. The price of your service may differ depending on extras and add-on services. Full body waxing is available for both male and female clients.

Services For Every Occasion

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If you’re looking for a skin care specialist, you have come to the right place. Serving Faces Spa offers facial, waxing and skin care to men and women in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Ebony Burns is a professional skin care specialist, who specializes in personalized facials, hair removal, and spa treatments that will make your skin both healthy and beautiful.

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