Special treatment for the ladies

Do your female body parts make you uncomfortable? Do you suffer from discoloration and ingrown hairs in your vaginal area? These series of treatments in our Pretty Kitty Bootcamp will provide you with the ultimate self-care detox required to make your skin look prettier and you feel better! This treatment includes three Brazilian waxing sessions and includes a vajacial during each visit.

Pretty Kitty Bootcamp

During the summer months, the Brazilian wax is very popular amongst women. Though it is completely normal to grow hair in the pubic region, some women prefer to remove all the hair for the purpose of aesthetics. Doing a Brazilian wax is not hard and a lot of women that have done it are satisfied with the outcomes and their partners are as well!

The Brazilian wax removes hair from the front side, back side and every place around the pubic region. Though many women love the idea of removing all the hair, in many cases they will leave a small strip at the front.

As the name sounds, vajacials are facials performed on the vaginal area of the female body. Since its inception over a decade ago, the vajacial has caused both confusion and curiosityVajacial treatment is a facial done for the vulva and is performed to soothe irritated skin and remove ingrown hairs along the vulva and bikini line. Vajacials will be done only on the bikini line, outer labia, and the pubic mound – the area where the hair grows. Nothing will be applied or inserted inside the vagina. These treatments last for 30 minutes will be done alone, meaning there will be no bikini wax, butt strip wax, or Brazilian wax included.

In a typical situation, vajacials are provided during or after waxing because there should be no hair remaining in the treatment area before a vajacial.

Benefits of Pretty Kitty Bootcamp

The removal of hair from different parts of the body provides other hygiene benefits that will be loved by the people around you and be beneficial to your body.

A major benefit of waxing is that the hair will re-grow in about four to six weeks. Waxing, unlike shaving, is a form of permanent hair removal; hence the treatment has to be done around once a month instead of every few days. This will save you time and eliminate the discomfort that goes along with shaving.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we will help you remove all pubic hair, both front and back! Our silky extra gentle wax formula will ensure you won’t leave here with irritated skin. After waxing, we apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and reduce any redness on the skin.

During the Pretty Kitty Bootcamp, we will conduct a thorough consultation on the first visit to determine the root cause of each problem and then we will have a comprehensive discussion on preventive methods. A Pretty Kitty Swag Bag is included to equip you with all the essential products!

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