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Bikini wax in charlotte

Bikini waxing is a procedure done to remove pubic hair with the use of a special hot or cold wax. The wax sticks to the hairs and removes them when the wax is quickly removed from the skin, particularly with a cloth strip. Though the practice is common with women, male waxing is sometimes carried out to pull out men’s pubic hair.

Basically, bikini wax removes pubic hair with a hot or cold wax. This procedure is usually done either for hygiene, aesthetics, fashion or some other reasons. You should do a bikini wax if you do not want razor burns and you want to trim the hair down below. The bikini line area i.e. the area between the upper leg and inner thigh is not usually covered by bikini bottoms; hence, if the hair is visible, it can be quite embarrassing. Waxing the bikini line is a great way to get that amazing summer swimsuit appearance and also give your self esteem a boost.

Because of the boost in confidence they usually experience when putting on swimming suits, many women love the appearance of a hair-free bikini line. There are so many ways you can accomplish the task of eliminating unwanted hair along your bikini line. You can use an epilator shave, or use depilatories, but none of these will produce the breath taking results you will get from a bikini wax.

You need to be aware that a bikini wax procedure will require more time than you would expect if it is your first time. So after fixing an appointment go to the salon during your leisure time. Depending on whether you will get a brazilian wax or bikini wax, the procedure could last up to an hour.

Unlike other hair removal techniques, bikini wax eliminates hair from the root. This will allow you enjoy the rewards of a hair-free bikini line for a longer time. If you decide to shave to maintain a hairless bikini area you will have to shave every few days. With a bikini wax, a lot of persons can go 4 to 5 weeks before their next appointment.

Harsh chemicals in hair removal creams and razors can lead to troublesome skin irritation, and the use of an epilator on your bikini line can be very painful. However, with a specially formulated bikini wax, you will experience a fast waxing that will give you minimal discomfort and maximum results.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we provide hygienic, affordable, bikini waxing services, and we would love you to be our client to serve all your hair removal needs.

Whether you are frustrated at the poor results you got from other local waxing salons or you want to get your first bikini wax, our waxing salon is here to help!

We offer hair removal for the front ONLY. Our bikini wax does NOT include stomach or rear waxing.

Contact our experienced and certified waxing specialists today to book your appointment today for our affordable services. We can’t wait to meet you!

Bikini wax
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