Brazilian Waxing with Vajacial

about brazilian wax including vajacial

Brazilian waxing including a vajacial is the exfoliation of pubic hair with the use of a special hot or cold wax that sticks to the hairs and removes them by quickly removing the wax from the skin, usually with a cloth strip.

The waxing involves not just hair from the front, but also up the backside and between the legs. In many instances, this procedure involves complete hair removal from the whole bikini area. Some women however, love to create a small triangle shape of hair, similar to the natural shape. Other women choose a thin rectangle of hair, known as a mustache or landing strip. Such decision depends on your preferences. You should discuss your wants and needs with your esthetician ahead of time. The basic idea behind a Brazilian wax and vajacial is to make the area smooth and hair-free so that a bikini bottom will look good and you can feel confident!

Doing a Brazilian wax with vajacial is an intimate experience because the esthetician will be working in a very sensitive and private area. Your esthetician should have a friendly and funny personality to make you feel totally comfortable. At Serving Faces, we make sure you are completely comfortable from beginning to end!

The Experience

First, your esthetician will open your legs and wipe you clean with antibacterial towel. They will scrub the area of your skin around the vagina, vulva, and pubic bone. The scrub will be removed with a warm, damp towel. The bikini line will then be checked for in-grown hairs, which will be removed with a lancet and tweezers since they are extra deep hairs below the skin’s surface. Don’t worry, it’s not a painful procedure. Next, a cream mask that is made with all-natural ingredients, will be massaged into the skin. 

A Brazilian wax with vajacial removes dead skin cells, treats in-grown hairs, prevents acne, smooths bumps around the bikini line, and helps to maintain a hydrated and healthy skin. It also gives your esthetician the chance to check on your wax to ensure your maintenance at home is being done properly.

The ideal time to get a vajacial is 10 days after a Brazilian or bikini wax. The reason for this is because at this time your hair is about to appear below the surface of the skin. This, however, does not mean that you should do a vajacial after each wax. As a way to clean up your bikini line and maintain healthy skin, it will be ideal to undergo this procedure two to four times a year. You may not need this treatment at all if you have never suffered from bumps or in-grown hairs.

Serving Faces Wax Treatments

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we provide better treatment for areas below your waist! The process involves skin cleansing, Brazilian wax, extraction of in-grown hairs, removal of dead skin with an exfoliant, and a soothing vaginal-safe mask. Our waxing will help solve in-grown hairs, skin discoloration, and blackheads. We use a high frequency treatment to eliminate bacteria. We recommend frequent wax treatment for more noticeable results.