Buttock Wax

What is A Buttock wax

Buttock waxing belongs to the category of intimate waxing and is often part of services such as Manzilians (for men) and Brazilians (for women). During these full-service butt waxings, every hair on the frontal area and the entire genitalia, including the butt crack is exfoliated. However, butt waxing can also be carried out by itself, and it includes the removal of all hair on the lower back and butt cheeks, as requested by the client.

Though butt hair is not a popular topic for discussion, it is widely known that it grows and people are seeking for new ways to make it disappear. The popularity of buttock waxing is increasing in wax bars and at-home removal kits. This is because more people are looking for hair removal solutions for their appearance, hygiene or sexuality. 

Butt hair can oftentimes cause discomfort. Because of it, lovers feel self-conscious, athletes feel sweaty, and in general, any one with it feels less attractive. When there is no hair in the rear it offers a more attractive and cleaner posterior and you will feel fresher and sexier. Although some people are not entirely comfortable with a buttock wax, it is becoming a popular technique. Whether you’re male or female, there is no reason for you to be embarrassed. 

Reasons to Butt Wax

Waxing is more preferable than hair removal formulas made with chemicals. These toxic chemicals could easily damage tender skin and make them sensitive. With a buttock wax, there will be no need for hair removal creams that have lingering odors. 

There is a lot of bacteria in the butt area that may lead to itching, odors, infection – urinary tract infections or yeast infections – and skin irritation. If you have a lot of hair and bad hygiene, the situation could be made worse because butt hair traps bacteria and ultimately stinks.

People get a buttock wax to obtain that peach-fuzz look. If you wax more regularly, your hair will begin to grow back softer and thinner. Getting a buttock wax regularly is time-saving and can eliminate daily maintenance that comes with shaving. This is particularly beneficial when getting ready for a special date or going on vacation. 

Buttock waxing ensures there is no more itchiness, stubble, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs on your butt. Buttock wax also eliminates the five o’clock shadow phenomenon. This phenomenon happens only after shaving when the hair is still visible under the skin’s surface. With shaving, hair is only removed from the skin’s surface. Razors will cut the hair follicles at an angle, leaving them coarse and uncomfortable. Since the hair is removed down to the root during waxing, there will be no five o’clock shadow. 

Feel Good with Serving Faces

At Serving Faces Charlotte, feel confident that buttock waxing is available to all of our clients both male and female. We have designed our buttock wax treatment to be tailored to the unique needs and requirements of every client, thus making it accessible to everyone, no matter their gender. Our buttock wax treatment will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, clean!