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Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian wax is really famous amongst women, especially during the summer. Even though it happens to everyone and is absolutely normal to grow hair in the pubic region, for the purpose of aesthetics, some women prefer to remove all the hair. It is not hard to perform a Brazilian wax and many women who do it are amazed at the results and their partners are as well!

Brazilian wax has now become more famous with women and it is imperative to know the origin, how it is done and what to expect during the treatment. The Brazilian wax removes all the hair from the front side, back side and everywhere around the pubic region. Though many women prefer to remove all the hair, a small strip is left at the front in many cases.

Stomach Strip

Removal of hair from the stomach strip.

Inner Thigh Wax

Removal of hair from the Inner Thigh area.

Underarm Wax

Underarm waxing is more convenient and much easier than constantly shaving and tweezing. The hair is pulled directly from the follicle in a few strokes during waxing and there is no need to be concerned about thicker hair growth in the future.

Why Wax?

One benefit of waxing is the longer time of hair re-growth. With waxing, it typically takes hair between 4 and 6 weeks to re-grow. Waxing, unlike shaving is a type of permanent hair exfoliation, and for this reason the treatment is done about once in a month instead than every other day. This time -saving treatment takes away the extra burden of remembering to shave.

The removal of excess hair in different areas of the body provides other sanitary benefits and is very beneficial to your body. Our spa membership provides all of these rewards on the naturally sweat sensitive area, without any of the discomforts caused by a razor.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, our COVID-19 Comeback Package will help you remove all pubic hair, both front and back! Our gentle wax formula will ensure you do not experience redness of the skin. After waxing is completed, we will apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and prevent redness of the skin.

Waxing is affordable, swift, and flexible with your schedule. You can get waxed and covered up in such a short amount of time. So come see us to enjoy this package! Serving Faces has all the materials and products necessary to give you the best wax treatment possible.

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