Gold Teeth Whitening Packages

Gold teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming a popular choice for anyone who has stained teeth. Although you can purchase remedies over the counter, professional teeth whitening is the best option to guarantee whiter teeth (be sure to check out our Platinum Teeth Whitening Package). 

Even though at-home teeth whitening treatments will eventually give you the same results as professional teeth whitening, there are unique benefits to seeing a professional. First, the whitening effects are immediate – meaning you’ll notice a difference after just one visit and you don’t have to wait for the treatment to work. Second, you can rest assured that you are being attended to by competent professionals. 

The number of visits it will take to get your teeth professionally whitened is a matter of personal choice. After a one-hour visit, your teeth will show a change of color, but you might desire more than this. It may be important to attend between two and six times if you wish to achieve optimal whiteness.

The human teeth can become stained for a number of reasons. Food and drink with strong colorings, most commonly tea and coffee, can cause stains. Smoking can cause a yellowish appearance on the teeth and some medicines and diseases can cause teeth to become stained. Age can also be a factor as our teeth naturally get darker as we grow older. For these reasons, we need to get professional teeth whitening.


How it Works

First of all, one of Serving Faces certified dentists need to establish whether having a professional teeth whitening treatment is in your best interest. There could be situations that you may not have considered. For instance, if you have your teeth professionally whitened, they may look unnatural if you have tooth-colored fillings. At such instance, what you need is to have a professional dental cleaning. Eliminating the stains and tartar from your teeth can help improve their color and appearance, thereby making it not necessary to have professional teeth whitening.

Your dentist will show you the different shades of whiteness you can have with professional teeth whitening. Your dentist will consult with you using a porcelain tab to determine what shade of white is best for you.

To ensure that all surface stains have been removed, the dentist will polish your teeth before commencing the professional teeth whitening procedure. Next, a special gel that provides a seal around the teeth and a thin sheet of latex will be used to separate the teeth that will be whitened. A tooth whitener or bleacher will be applied and allowed for as long as is required to achieve the expected results. Depending on the technique chosen by the dentist, a laser, heat, or light source could be used to activate the bleaching agentProfessional teeth whitening can last for as little as six months and as long as a few years.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we offer professional teeth whitening packages which involve using concentration peroxide gel to be directly applied to the teeth to eliminate superficial stains. Maximum results will be guaranteed by using a LED light to fully activate the gel concentration. By using a 40-minute treatment, we can guarantee a minimum of 3-5 shades whiter on every client. This is a TRIPLE treatment that will be done in one session. The Gold Teeth Whitening Package includes an all smiles aftercare bag.