Platinum Teeth Whitening Packages


Platinum Teeth Whitening

Do you want sparkling white teeth? Many people dream of having very white teeth as it is indicative of impeccable oral health and increases your self-confidence to smile in public. However, it is imperative that you consult with a professional. This is important so that you reap the benefits of the process and you do not make your dental health worse. This is where our professional teeth whitening packages show their benefits (be sure to check out our Gold Teeth Whitening Package too). Everyone desires a set of gleaming white teeth and that has resulted in the increased demand for professional teeth whitening packages. Platinum teeth whitening is uniquely popular as it is better than non-professional methods because of its high taste and convenience – plus, it saves you time!

Why Invest in Teeth Whitening?

Nowadays, there are different ways to get that whiter, brighter, and healthier looking smile. The cost of doing professional teeth whitening is cheaper than a more complex treatment such as porcelain restorations. Anyone who has sensitive teeth can do laser tooth whitening that gives them white teeth. Though the cost of laser teeth whitening is more expensive, the entire procedure only takes about an hour.

Your teeth can be stained by a number of factors. The strong colorings found in some foods and drinks, most commonly coffee and tea, will cause stains. Smoking will give a yellowish appearance to the teeth. Medicine and disease can also stain the teeth. Aging can cause stained teeth as well because as we age, our teeth naturally become darker. For all these reasons and more, professional teeth whitening is a great investment. 

No matter the whitening method you choose to go with, you need to understand that they do not give permanent results. With that, you would need frequent touch-ups to maintain the level of whiteness. In order to save more time, you should take proper care of your teeth after treatment to make the results last longer. Stay away from foods and drinks, such as coffee, and tobacco products that will stain your teeth. Furthermore, you should brush your teeth twice a day coupled with an oxygenating oral rinse after each meal. These simple steps can improve your oral hygiene and help you extend the impacts of teeth whitening treatments for a longer time.

Platinum Teeth Whitening Experience

At Serving Faces Charlotte, our platinum teeth whitening package caters for coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, and heavy smokers with deep yellowing. Using a 1-Hour treatment, we guarantee at least 5-8 shades whiter on each client. This TRIPLE treatment includes a complete take-home kit with LED light and a prep solution to improve results. Progress will be tracked by taking before and after pictures.

With a treatment that causes no irritation or pain, all kinds of stains caused by coffee, tobacco, wine, tea, etc. will be eliminated in only one appointment. Our certified dentist will harness the power of LED technology to restore brightness and smiles without any feeling of discomfort on your part. While efficiency is greatly improved, the technique will eliminate sensitivities via teeth hydration. It is an effective and safe treatment that results in beautiful white teeth! Our experienced staff will use dental products of professional grade to take good care of you and your smile.