Bikini Line Wax

what is bikini line wax?

A bikini line wax is a method of hair removal that exfoliates the hair on your bikini line. It uses the same procedure used to wax your underarm or legs and can remove very short hairs. However, since this is a sensitive part of the body, it can be quite painful in your first few tries. Bikini line hair needs to be waxed, trimmed, or removed in whichever way you prefer to get rid of those exposed hairs. A bikini like wax is much better than having to shave this sensitive area.

Getting your bikini line waxed from our licensed and professional specialist will be an amazing moment! Many of our clients tell us they get more satisfaction with the results of a bikini line wax compared to other temporary options for hair removal such as epilation, shaving, and hair removal creams. 

Benefits of Bikini Waxing

Apart from hair removal, bikini line wax is a physical exfoliation that eliminates lifeless cells from the surface of the skin. This means that you are receiving skincare and hair removal at the same time. After your bikini line wax, you will notice that your skin is smoother than usual. The reason for this is that waxing exfoliates your skin while it removes hair from the root. When the hair is exfoliated from the root, instead of cut off at an angle like with shaving, it takes a longer time to grow back. Thus, a bikini line wax gives long-lasting results. It also produces finer and thinner hair so when your hair eventually grows back, it will be softer and lighter in color.

There is minimal irritation with bikini line wax. A lot of people consider hair removal methods, such as creams and epilation, irritating to their skin. When waxing is done by a licensed professional, it rarely causes this problem.

Another advantage of bikini line wax is that it promotes cleanliness. It keeps your bikini area free from hair for many weeks. This makes your sensitive areas unsuitable for bacterial growth. Bikini line wax is not just a fashion statement, it is also has health benefits! Make sure you can trust the salon you visit for your waxing. Observe whether their equipment is sanitized and whether they reuse the same tools with different clients. At Serving Faces, we make safety our first priority and give our clients an experience they won’t forget!

Brazilian Bikini Wax

There are many options for bikini hair removal. However, the best way to remove all unwanted hair is with a Brazilian bikini line wax.

Bikini line wax is a very important for women and only a Brazilian wax will give you amazingly satisfying results. Brazilian wax is so effective that it promises a hairless and smooth skin. Each hair follicle is exfoliated right from its root; this will ensure that the hair will not grow back easily. If you think you cannot bear the pain, there is the option of having topical anesthesia to numb your skin.

What Serving Faces can do for you

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we offer this amazing hair removal from the front only and it does not include stomach or rear waxing. With us, bikini line waxing can be easy, painless, and you will leave feeling amazing. We can get all your waxing needs done quickly and we can ensure you will feel satisfied with the end result.  So give Serving Faces the opportunity to give you an amazing bikini line today!