Chin Wax

All about chin waxing

It is usually common to find a strand of hair or two growing from your chin. Even finding a bunch of chin hairs is considered normal. However, if you choose to remove unwanted chin hair, you can easily get your chin waxed. If you correctly wax your chin, then you will be free of chin hair for many weeks. 

If you look closely, you will notice that your chin hair is different in texture and length. Some hairs may be coarse and thick while others may be soft and short. Your chin hair needs to be as long as one-quarter of an inch in order for the wax to stick to the hairs. So, to make the waxing treatment most effective, a good rule of thumb is to have your chin hair the same length as an eyelash. Removing hair that is too short in length could result in breaking the hairs. A good wax is important because it does not break the hair but rather pulls it out of the skin from the root. It’s important to note that removing the hair does not stop it from growing in the future. 

Benefits of Chin Waxing

During chin waxing, wax is applied to the chin to remove both fluffy and coarse hairs, thereby leaving your hair free and smooth. Waxing the chin does not only eliminate any small hairs but any dry skin. During the winter, waxing is a perfect exfoliant.

When you start feeling a prickly sensation and itching on your chin, that indicates that your hair is growing back. The feeling of your hair growing back is more pronounced after a shave than a wax because the hair is cut by a razor at an angle and for that same reason the hair seems darker. When you wax your chin, it will take longer for hair to reach the surface of the skin; hence, your skin will feel smoother for a longer amount of time. It will be quite a relief for you to know that you will not be bothered by this prickly sensation once you start waxing.

To avoid ingrown hairs (hairs that grow back into the skin and cause red bumps), it is crucial to make use of the correct waxing technique. With this waxing procedure, the skin has to be held taut and the pull has to be quick. However, just like with any hair removal method, you may be susceptible to ingrown hairs. Luckily, moisturizing and exfoliation can be very helpful against this problem.

Schedule a wax with Serving Faces!

At Serving Faces Charlotte our silky extra gentle wax formula will ensure you won’t leave here red. After waxing, we apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and reduce any redness on the skin.

Chin waxing is affordable, quick, and now very convenient with our schedule. In 20 minutes, you can get waxed and covered up. So come see us to have a chin wax and be sure to check out our lip waxing services for a complete lower face wax!