Lip Wax

lip waxing

Waxing is a hair removal method whereby the hair is pulled out from the roots of the upper lip to keep the area free from hair for a long time. Even though it is natural for both men and women to grow hair in their upper lip, some people choose to remove it. Electronic tools, creams, natural methods, and razors can temporarily remove the hair; and a dermatologist can help people remove the hair permanently.

Lip Waxing Procedure

During lip wax, the esthetician will wipe your upper lip area clean.  Pre-epilation oil is put on after cleansing before the wax is applied. It’s quickly ripped off when hardened. When wax is removed from the surface of the lip, it will stick to the hairs thereby leaving the skin smooth for about four to six weeks. After waxing your lips, the hair will grow back after a while. The hair is expected to grow back after a minimum of three weeks after waxing; however, in some cases it could take about six to eight weeks to re-grow. The new hair that will grow back after a lip wax is usually softer. If it is your first time, the wax will probably hurt for a while, but will become less painful each time.

Though cold wax strips seem like an economical and easy solution, they do not stick on to the hair well enough. Instead, make use of cream wax heated in a wax pot. Because it is one of the gentlest waxes, creamy wax is more suitable for the delicate skin on the upper lip. Because it’s less sticky, it is much easier to work with than honey waxes.

Benefits of Lip Waxing

When hair starts growing, it will begin to itch and give a prickly sensation. Hair will take longer to reach the surface of the skin when you do a lip wax. This will make you feel smooth and hairless for a long time. After shaving, the prickly feeling of growing hair is more pronounced because the hair is cut by a razor at an angle and the hair may seem darker. Once you start waxing regularly, you will be relieved that this prickly sensation will no longer bother you.

Although it may sound easy to wax your upper lip at home, do not trust your gut and go in blind. People go to school and learn how to do it for a reason. Professionals are trained to provide the best results, and it is imperative that you adhere to their advice so that you will do it correctly. Following the advice of a professional will teach you how to get rid of the most hair, ways to avoid needless pain, and how to help you avoid red sores.

At Serving Faces Charlotte, our lip wax service includes the upper and bottom lip. Our extra gentle and silky wax formula will make sure you are not going to leave with red skin. After waxing, we apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and reduce any redness on the skin.

Lip waxing is affordable, quick and now very convenient with our schedule. In 20 minutes, you can get waxed and covered up. So come see us to have a lip wax and check out our chin wax services too!

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