Full Legs Wax

Full Leg Wax

Personal grooming is a very involving and time consuming process and that includes hair removal. In the warmer months, a lot of women shave off their leg hair a minimum of three times per week. Hair growth is normal but some people may experience more hair growth than others as a result of age, genetics and hormonal imbalance. A very popular way of removing hair is waxing. Many people choose waxing as opposed to other hair removal methods (e.g., hair removal creams and shaving) because it is less abrasive to the skin and it takes a longer time for the hair to grow back. If you’re looking to clean up just the lower half of your legs, check out our half leg wax treatment.

You may find that your legs look a little red and spotty immediately after waxing, this is normal and should disappear within the day. There are two main things you should do after your service: moisturize and exfoliate. In drier weather, dead skin tends to accumulate faster on your legs, so it is imperative that you exfoliate dead skin cells and avoid the formation of ingrown hairs.

Why Should I Get Waxed?

When compared to laser hair removal, full leg waxing is relatively inexpensive. It gives you clean, smooth skin with no hair left behind and it takes a much shorter amount of time. Waxing makes the legs look beautiful as it is very effective in the removal of large amounts of hair at one time.

One of the best benefits of a full leg wax is that it will make your skin feel even and smooth. During a wax, not only is unwanted hair removed, but any dry and dead skin cells will be waxed away in the process. With waxing, there is no risk of any nicks or cuts that could leave scars, like after shaving. 

The benefits of waxing can be worthwhile if you can withstand a little discomfort. At first, the process may take around 2 hours. After the wax if removed from your legs, you may experience a slight stinging sensation that may make you rethink getting your legs waxed, but the end result is worth it. For those who wish to continue with leg waxing, a full leg wax can make your legs look much better than using a razor.

For some women, avoiding the daily risk of cuts, nicks, and razor burn that occur with the use of razors is more than enough of a reason to choose waxing over shaving. 

Natural ingredients are typically used in the production of wax products. This is a benefit of waxing over the use of topical hair removal creams (known as depilatories) which contain chemicals that are irritating to the skin. In general, waxing is much safer than shaving.

The Serving Faces Way

At Serving Faces Charlotte, our full leg waxing treatment includes the removal of hair from both legs. We apply a suitable wax formula in strips right from the top part of the thigh down to the ankle. Hair removal will begin from around two inches below the bikini line. It will include the knees, front and back of the thighs, and the lower legs. We will remove one strip at a time for your comfort. We will also apply an after-wax antibacterial lotion if you so desire. At Serving Faces, scheduling a waxing appointment is easy! If you’d like to have multiple parts of your body waxed at the same time, we can offer the full leg service together with another waxing treatment. Call us today to set up a waxing experience that meets YOUR needs!