Half Leg Wax

Silky Feel for Your Legs

A half leg wax is an effective waxing method that removes hair from the entire lower leg area, from the ankle up to the knee. A lot of women love the silky feel and appearance of hair-free legs, and for this reason, a half leg wax is one of the most popular waxing treatments. With a half leg wax there is no risk of razor bumps and injuries due to shaving. It is great when you want to prepare your legs for longer shorts, skirts, dresses.

Depending on the rate of hair growth, the results of half leg wax can last between two to four weeks. It is a longer lasting hair removal option than shaving and leaves behind a smoother surface on the skin.

Do I Need a Half Leg or A Full Leg Wax?

A full leg wax is a better alternative if you are seeking for total hair removal. Removing the hair from the entire leg is the best solution for females who want smooth and luxurious skin from the top of the leg to their toes. It is the perfect way to get prepared for summer weather. 

One of the best benefits of a full leg wax is that it will make your skin feel even and smooth. During waxing, not only is all unwanted hair removed,  but any dry and dead skin cells will be waxed away in the process. With waxing, there is no risk of any nicks or cuts that could leave scars, unlike with shaving.

Benefits of Leg Waxing

The benefits of waxing can be worthwhile if you can withstand a little discomfort. At first, the process may take around 2 hours. After the wax if removed from your legs, you may experience a slight stinging sensation that may make you rethink getting your legs waxed, but the end result is worth it. For those who wish to continue with leg waxing, a full leg wax can make your legs look much better than using a razor.

A major benefit of waxing over the use of topical hair removal creams (known as depilatories), which contain chemicals that are irritating to the skin, is that most wax products are comprised of natural ingredients. 

The regrowth of hair seems slower after a leg wax and that’s because it is! When you get a wax, the hair is pulled right from the root rather than being shaved off the surface. This technique will make your skin smoother, longer. 

At Serving Faces Charlotte, our leg waxing services will fit all your needs. We offer professional hair removal for part and full legs. For half leg treatments, you can choose between either the lower part of your legs (i.e., from the knees to the ankles) or the upper part of your legs (i.e., from the upper thigh to the knees). For full leg treatments, you’ll get full coverage removal from your upper thigh down to your ankles. Contact us to learn more about leg waxing and schedule an appointment today!