Back Wax

Who needs a Back Wax?

Some men have hairy backs. Some women may too have hairy backs. Common fashion trends and beauty standards may cause some people to feel it is unattractive and undesirable to have a hairy back. For men, having hairy chests, arms, or faces is considered more attractive than having hair on their back. This can put those with hairy backs under pressure to want to remove the hair. 

During hot weather, a hairy back may raise body heat and cause discomfort. But there are no other health risks or challenges posed by it so there are no medical reasons to remove your hair if you have a hairy back. However, you can decide to do so for comfort or aesthetic reasons.

Since Cleopatra ruled ancient Egypt, people have been using wax to remove unwanted body hair. However, it was in the 20th century that back wax treatments became popular. Even though the sugar concoctions and beeswax used by the Egyptians is no longer available, the methods for hair removal have remained relatively unchanged.

Benefits of Back Waxing

One of the main benefits of back waxing is that it will take around four to six weeks for the hair to grow back. Waxing, unlike shaving, is a form of permanent hair removal; hence, the treatment has to be done around once a month instead of every few days. This will save time and eliminates the inconvenience that goes with shaving all the time. The removal of hair from your back offers sanitary benefits that are beneficial to your body and the people around you will appreciate. Serving Faces Charlotte will give you all of these benefits without any discomfort caused by a razor.

When you shave the hair on your back, it can be difficult to get to every hair. This is simply because you cannot see all the hair. With waxing, you won’t have any horrible shaving cuts on your back. That stubbly feeling you get as the hairs start to grow back is a discomfort only caused by shaving because waxing prevents the growth of bristle-like hairs. This is because after waxing, the hairs grow back fine and soft due to follicle damage. For these reasons, waxing has become very popular.

Back Wax at serving faces

Back waxing requires little effort from you. Rather than sit at home for long hours trying to shave off your hair, find your way to Serving Faces Charlotte and let your esthetician will do all the work!

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we will help you remove all your back hair from your shoulders to your waistline. Our gentle wax formula will guarantee you won’t leave with any redness on your skin. After waxing, we apply aloe vera and sweet almond oil to soothe the hair follicles and reduce any redness.

Back waxing is affordable, quick and very convenient with our schedule. In a short time you can get waxed and covered up. So come see us to have a back wax! We have all the materials and products needed to give you the best back wax treatment. Be sure to check out our chest wax and full arm wax for all-around smooth skin!

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