Chest Wax

All about chest waxing

A full chest wax is the best way to eliminate unwanted chest hair. It involves cleansing the skin, applying our gentle-formula warm honey wax on the chest and front of shoulders and removing the hair. Afterwards, wax balm is applied on the treated area to calm the region and reduce irritation and redness of the skin, thereby leaving a clean chest that is smooth enough for showing off your muscles. Check out Serving Faces arm waxing services for an even cleaner appearance!

Many men are turning to the convenience offered by waxing for treating areas of the body that are difficult to shave, like the chest. This hair removal option is used by men for these reasons among others, including:

  • a more appealing pelvic region
  • athletic purposes
  • an overall cleaner appearance
  • eliminate a unibrow
  • to wear sandals
Charlotte Chest Wax

benefits of chest wax

Chest waxing is done to achieve a smoother appearance by removing large amounts of hair follicles. The hair in the chest is often intense so this makes shaving unsuitable for many people. Chest hair can be waxed to achieve longer results and avoid issues such as redness and razor burn. There are many reasons for doing waxing, and emerging changes to societal behavior have persuaded many men to give this process a try.

Chest waxing offers relief over the rigors of daily shaving. Smooth skin is guaranteed for up to three weeks with hair starting to re-grow in about six weeks. As the treatment is continuously performed, the growth rate slows down and the hair becomes finer. However, there still could be redness after waxing, but this can easily be solved with a lotion or cream that has no alcohol content. Pain from waxing can be reduced by taking a pain reliever a few hours before or after your chest wax treatment.

Chest waxing gives extended results for people who do not want to bear the cost of laser hair removal. To ensure effectiveness, the right type of wax must be chosen when considering a chest wax. Hot strips or forms involve applying a long section on the body, which is removed all at once. It works well for body parts such as the back where a wide area needs to be covered.

Chest Waxing at Serving Faces

Anyone who wants to perform chest wax at home must select the appropriate method depending on the area, quantity of hair, and their own skill level or preferences. Skip the stress of doing your own hair removal with Serving Faces Charlotte!

The completion time differs depending on the area and amount of hair with back, chest, and genital regions taking about half an hour to an hour, while a full body treatment can take up to 90 minutes.

Chest wax is available to both male and female clients. While chest waxing may be more typical for men, it is often needed by some women who want to remove hair from their nipples and various parts of their chest. This treatment has been designed to suit the individual needs of our clients, meaning that everyone, no matter their gender, has full access to this service. This chest wax treatment will give you a feeling of relief and much more comfort with your body. Schedule a wax with Serving Faces today!