Full Arm Wax

benefits of A full arm wax

Full arm waxing is an effective method of exfoliating all unwanted hair from the entire arm. This special kind of hot wax treatment focuses on the excess hair that grows on the arms. The full arm wax treatment reaches from your fingers to your upper arm. Everyone has different textures and thickness of hair. Being that your arm is a prominent part of your body, some people like to have it removed for a cleaner appearance. For those with thick, dark colored hair, waxing is a great solution! When you wax, the hair is removed from the root, causing the hair follicle to re-grow altogether. When it regrows in a couple of weeks, the hair actually grows back finer and softer leaving you with thinner looking hair!

Serving Faces full arm wax is formulated specifically to prevent rupture or damage to the delicacy of your skin, which makes it perfect for individuals with sensitive skin! Because this procedure removes all the hair from your arms, it will leave you feeling silky smooth. When you leave the salon, you’ll be glowing all over because we match our arm wax with a soothing moisturizer. 

Natural ingredients are typically used in the production of wax products. This is a benefit of waxing over the use of topical hair removal creams, known as depilatories, which contain chemicals that are irritating to the skin.

Arm Waxing for Men

The arm is a part of the body men struggle with when they want to maintain a well groomed body. Different techniques are used to eliminate unwanted hair (some are more inconvenient and time consuming than others), but waxing and shaving are the most frequent methods used by men. Arm waxing offers a multitude of benefits including delayed hair growth, less time and maintenance, and achieving the desired smooth look.

This waxing technique was once considered a treatment more commonly done among women. However, it is now a viable option for any one when a large section of follicles need to be quickly removed and for a long period of time. Even though some men still prefer shaving to tidy up their sideburns, beard, and other small areas, a lot of men are starting to depend on the convenience of waxing for treating larger parts of the body (like the chest and back) that are difficult to shave. This removal option is used by men for athletic purposes and an overall clean and smooth appearance.

Serving Faces Full Arm Wax Experience

At Serving Faces Charlotte, we make use of strict, hygienic non re-dipping methods with the highest quality wax, which is safe even for sensitive skins! The full arm wax service includes a hot towel treatment and a full arm polish.

Our full arm wax will help you enhance the beauty of your skin. During your treatment, Serving Faces will always ensure you are comfortable and safe. You will feel relaxed while you receive the most hygienic wax treatment possible!

Rest assured that this wax treatment is available for both male and female clients because it is designed for the individual’s needs, thus making it fully accessible to everyone, irrespective of gender.